October 9, 2017
Strand Palace Hotel - London
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Fantasy Sports Expo is proud to sponsor‡ the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). In 2003, the NCMEC helped police locate Elizabeth Smart (age 15) after 9 months of being missing. Please take a moment to view the pictures and report if you have seen them and support the NCMEC.

‡ "Sponsor" as mentioned on this website is defined as either (A) financial donation to an organization, (B) the donation of space or advertising space on our website to promote an organization or (C) both.

Those interested in speaking at this event please contact us via e-mail. Please include your name, telephone number, bio and suggested topic. Please note that all presentations at this event are to be neutral, objective and are not sales commercials for one's produce and/or service.

Below is a list of speakers that will present at the October 9, 2017 event:

SAP Frederico Winer
Head of Entertainment Industries EMEA
Keynote Address: 2017 DFS in the Euro Zone [▶ VIDEO]
European Gaming League Alex McBride
Head of eSports
To Be Announced
eSports Pro Jake Tucker
To Be Announced
RealSport Gur Samuel
Editor in chief
To Be Announced
Sky Sports Trevor Giess
Associate Producer
To Be Announced
Swush.com Peter Holst
Head of Fantasy Sport
To Be Announced
103sports Matt Steer
To Be Announced
GAME Digital PLC Craig Fletcher
Multiplay Founder & SVP
To Be Announced
Snack Gaming Ltd Jon Trigg
Operations Director
To Be Announced
MatchDay Fantasy Ross McCall
Co-Founder & CEO
To Be Announced
Dark Site - VR & eSports Sanjit Atwal
Co-Founder, Creative Director
To Be Announced
Intergalactic Gaming Ltd Naeem Shabir
Founding Director
To Be Announced